Frequently Asked Questions

What is HireMonkey?
- Please see our Discover page for more details.

How much does HireMonkey cost?
- Please see our Pricing page for more details.

What is included in my licence?
- When you purchase a licence to HireMonkey, you will unlock the full features with no limitations. This licence is valid for life on a single computer. The licence can be reset by contacting us. But this licence will be for the latest version of HireMonkey at the time of purchase. You will get patches, fixes and a few minor features. But you will need to purchase an upgrade to unlock new features.

What platforms does HireMonkey support?
- HireMonkey supports Mac and Windows. Apple Silicon is supported but using a seperate build.

Can I sync my database with Dropbox or Google Drive?
- Unfortunately not. HireMonkey is constently reading and writing to its database. File sync software will most deffently cause problems or corruption. HireMonkey licences are also only licenced for a single computer.

Can I request features?
- Please do. We are always happy to listen to what our customers have to say and explore possible ways we can improve your experience.

How do I obtain support?
- You can obtain support using our Helpdesk or Solutions portal. Please see our Support page for more detail.

What are the recomended software requirements for running HireMonkey?
 - We recommend 4GB of RAM or more and a quad-core CPU.

Do I need access to the internet to use HireMonkey?
 - You need to have an active internet connection at-least every 30 days. HireMonkey will attempt to activate every 30 days. Otherwise, you can be offline. If you know your going to be offline for a while, we recomend forcing an activation in the licencing settings.

When does my licence expire?
 - It dosn’t. Once you are licenced for a particular version of HireMonkey. Your copy is permanent. You only have to pay for upgrades.


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