The rental management system for freelancers

"Designed for the individual, not the corporation!"

HireMonkey is designed for freelancers that run their own rental business in the entertainment market. This product was designed in-house at JH96 for our own hire fleet and is now sold as a separate product.

HireMonkey does not reinvent the wheel. This app purposely does not replace your bookkeeping software, but works along side it. Meaning you don’t have to double up your workflow.

HireMonkey is simple to use and it is easy to get started.

Using HireMonkey, you can:

 Manage inventory

 Organise customer information

 Detect shortages

 Manage dispatch and delivery

 Import customers from your favorate accounts packages

 Export invoices to your faviorite accounts package

 Manage services and sub-hire.

 Inventory catalog for customers


Works great on: macOS 10.12+ and Windows 10+ (x64 and arm64)


Its simple. Just gives you what it said on the tin!


Manage both serialized and bulk stock entries with purchase values and weights/dimensions.


Have job costs automaticly calculated dynamiclly 


You buy it, you keep it. When you buy a licence we will not take it away from you. We charge for new versions but at a flat upgrade fee. You don’t have to buy it again or pay monthly.


Not only can you hire out your inventory. You can also rent out from your partners, using the sub hire features.


Quickly export a PDF with your inventory list to send to your customers.


Look after your customer relationships, setting sales terms and contact management.


HireMonkey is software, not a platform. Your data is on your computer and does not ever leave you without you knowing. This means that your not paying any monthly fees and your data is in your hands.


In built backup tools to make sure you have regular copies of your data from HireMonkey backed up so that you can restore it to another PC/Mac.


Generate your: Quotes, confirmations, picklists and more.

Screen prints

See HireMonkey in action.


Job dashboard

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Equipment record

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